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About me

"I care about each person and I  help them at all times to increase their faith so that they open to receive."
My Story


I came for the first time to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in 2004, guided by some curiosity and some certainty that the energy of this place would help me achieve the life change I was looking for. During my first trip to The Casa the answers came to me clearly and I changed my life completely.

The benevolent Entities of the Casa later in 2005 declared that I was a daughter of the Casa and in January 2006 I was authorised to accompany people for treatments at La Casa. I discovered in this role a new passion: that of being able to help others raise their vision and seek a deeper sense of their life experience


For the last 14 years I have been accompanying people who travel to the Casa and I genuinely commit myself to the evolution of each one. I prepare them before coming from the moment they confirm the trip, and I guide and accompany them throughout their stay in Abadiânia.


I live in Abadiânia from where I receive people from many countries. I speak Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. I am also a volunteer at the Casa.

I was born in Buenos Aires 57 years ago, and my preparation for this mission at the Casa included almost 20 years of experience in business consulting in organizational reengineering and systems reengineeron for medium and large organizations, as well as Change Management, and Human Development.

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