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Distance Spiritual Accompanying

Distance Spiritual Accompanying – from Abadiânia


The spiritual accompanying includes a deep and conscious analysis of the specific context of a conflicting situation or emotion, its similarities with previous experiences, its cause or origin, the beliefs behind the behaviors and the underlying belief system of the person. By changing the vision of their past experience to another of a higher level of consciousness, a new belief system will come into action and this will lead to new thoughts about their own experience and give a new meaning and purpose to it. The old emotions will then be released and the own energy will help them move forward.


This process can be done before coming to Abadiânia, after returning from the trip to Abadiânia or at any time even if you are not planning a trip to Abadiânia but you are on a spiritual path or are experiencing a situation that requires a spiritual approach for its resolution.


I perform this through individual sessions via internet, and I can do them in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.


Before the trip to Abadiânia: this is one of the services included in the package for those who have booked my accompanying services When Travelling to the Casa de Dom Inácio, starting 2 months before the date of the trip. If you want to start earlier, you can contact me to book extra sessions at any time.


Upon returning from Abadiânia: once you have returned from your trip, I can provide sessions at a distance to help you:

  • Heal the cause of a physical health problem

  • Overcome a negative emotion

  • Learn how to grow in a conflicting situation at home or at work

  • Change a behavioral pattern


For those who need assistance: The process does not require that you come to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. I lead sessions of approximately one hour via internet after which a plan and objectives are set, from which I extract a request for spiritual assistance that I submit to the spiritual Entities of the Casa. The sessions can be held every two or three weeks until the objectives are met. Once you contact me the first step will be to assess your case and propose a work plan.

Contact me for a preliminary assessment of your case or if you want further information.

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