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The experience at the Casa is about profound transformation. Some of the visitors who came in my groups shared their stories:


“To us – my son, my husband, my daughter Lucía, and me - our visit to Abadiânia was driven by a hope, which we did not find in Perú. Lucía had been diagnosed with a brain tumor located at the base of her skull, that was inoperable. Our experience (at The Casa) was beautiful and healing, we understood many things and we met valuable people who were very spiritual, my daughter is very good, leading a life which was unthinkable before our trip, many thanks eternally” – Maritza from Peru.

“I came to the Casa de Dom Inácio following the recommendation of a friend. When I heard about the Casa, I was questioning myself whether I should follow the treatment of conventional medicine to cure my breast cancer or I should do nothing. I didn’t know what to do, both options felt scary to me. I was a vegetarian, I practiced yoga, I had gone a long way along the road of self-discovery …and my beliefs were starting to collapse…I just needed to calm my fears down and make a decision. That is when the Casa appeared in my life, to soothe my soul. At the Casa I found guidance, love and care. I cured and I healed my cancer, following the treatment offered by the conventional medicine and drilling down in my inner self. The Casa taught me so many things: to Trust, the Love for oneself…and Forgiveness as the best present I could offer to myself. I met wonderful people. My visit to the Casa could be summarized in one word: Gratitude.” – Viviana from Argentina.

“After my spiritual healing at the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiânia I felt that a change in consciousness had occurred inside of me. I am not the same person I was before visiting the Casa, I am sure about that. Now I can hear my inner voice, I can make better decisions, I can live in harmony and I believe that I can achieve what I wish to. It was certainly a life changing experience. Thank you, a thousand times Andrea, for your beautiful task. Namaste. Blessings.” Solangela from Colombia.


“Since my first trip to the Casa in 2015 my physical health and my life in general (and that of my travel companions) has been positively and permanently transformed. Three years earlier I had been diagnosed with a complex chronic disease for which there is no known cure. My functional ability on a scale of 1 to 10 was 2 (it is 9 for most healthy people who work full time). I arrived at the Casa in a wheelchair, I could not walk or stand or speak for more than 5 minutes without being completely exhausted and with intense symptoms. After my first trip, on the last day my energy increased, I was able to attend the first current session at La Casa sitting for hours, I was able to speak with more energy and I was even able to walk a couple of blocks without collapsing. After my second trip in 2016 my functional capacity rose to 4 out of 10, I needed a taxi to move a few meters (300) from the House to the hotel, could attend all the sessions, sit in the current and even stand up for half an hour. After my third trip, in 2017, I resumed some of my normal activities, alternating activity and rest (I could walk and sit for periods of 45 minutes, talk, perform light cleaning tasks and the routines of daily life), my functional capacity went up to 6 or 7 out of 10. On my last trip in 2018 I was able to resume all activities except heavy or too long ones.

The Casa de Dom Inácio is the most extraordinary place I have ever known on this planet. The Casa is a place where the boundaries between the physical, mental and spiritual planes are diluted, and with the clarity never experienced before, we can see ourselves, the world and the force that moves the universe. With that clarity and in deep introspection we undertake a journey of transformation of our life and in doing that we heal ourselves physically and mentally.

 Each person lives their process differently. It does not matter if one is completely healthy, there is always an opportunity for spiritual advancement. If you have physical or mental health conditions, whether it is anxiety, depression or financial problems, or you have a diagnosis of cancer, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, etc., each person receives mental and spiritual healing and, when the time is appropriate, physical healing.

Today, five years after my first trip, I can say with certainty that I will carry in my heart the Casa de Dom Inácio , the Entities of Light of the Casa and all those who accompany us on that beautiful journey.” Monica from Canada.



"When I found out about the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, through a book, I felt a great desire to travel to Abadiânia on the following date scheduled for 3 months later, in April 2018. That is why I contacted Andrea, who was accompanying me in my preparation and for the experiences that I was going to go through, it was a very deep and revealing personal process. I became aware of many aspects that were revealed to me even before the trip. During that period of time several family situations happened that could have suspended my trip, but I had great certainty and assistance to do it. During the 2 weeks of stay in Abadiânia I experienced the healing of my soul and my emotions, in addition to having many wonderful experiences, I had an awakening of my conscience, I feel that it was a before and after in my life.

The experience was so intense that I once again felt the desire to return in October of the same year, and thanks to Andrea's guidance and accompaniment, the experiences before, during and after the trip were very transformative, at all levels.

I am very grateful to Andrea and to the entire Casa community, for this I hope to return soon! ”- Cecilia from Argentina


“My husband and I were married 4 years when we started trying to have a baby. Six years later and numerous treatments with some of the top fertility specialists in the country, still no baby. I just could not get pregnant. I had heard of La Casa on a television episode I saw years prior, when I was in college. The narrator said, hundreds of people travel every day to a small town in Brazil in search of a miracle. I remember feeling in the depths of my heart that this place and what those people were saying was true. Years later, as I continued to struggle and began to run out of options, one day I remembered that episode. I did some research and found the Casa de Dom Inácio. A week later, my mother and I were on a plane to La Casa. I didn’t know what to expect, perhaps it wasn’t real and I would end up terribly disappointed. The first time I entered the first meditation hall of La Casa, I felt what can only be described as grace. I felt like an incredible weight lifted from my being. Like I was home. For the first time in years, I felt like regardless of what happened, everything was going to be ok. My spiritual life has never been the same since. This was the beginning of a long profound healing journey that I am still on to this day. When I returned home from that trip, I got pregnant with twins but unfortunately had a miscarriage. I instantly returned to La Casa for more work. Saint Francis Xavier was the entity present on my second visit. As I presented myself before him, he took my hand in his and very calmly and compassionately told me. “I know about the babies you lost. Listen to me, you will have your son. He will be born. You will have children.” Imagine the joy in my heart upon hearing this. I thought upon my return that I would immediately get pregnant and have a baby, but unfortunately, while I did get pregnant, I suffered numerous miscarriages. When my herbs were finally finished, I got pregnant with twins (boy and girl) again. Unfortunately, at 20 weeks pregnant I went into preterm labor and lost our baby girl. Coincidentally, as I was in the hospital, my mother and sister were at La Casa, and put a prayer there, and I remembered what St Xavier had told me, “Your son will be born.” The doctors told us our son had 0% chance of making it, such is the case with twin pregnancies, and they were going to terminate the pregnancy. We said no, that we would let nature take its course. Against their wishes, I went home and stayed on bed rest. I remained positive and hopeful and in June 2016 at 40 weeks pregnant we welcomed a beautiful healthy little boy.  Six months later, I got pregnant with a little girl and I now have two amazing healthy beautiful children, because of La Casa.” Veronica from USA.

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