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When Travelling to the Casa

Preparing for the trip


When someone is attracted to the energy of the Casa and the idea of a retreat at the Casa , his/her energy begins to shift and when confirming the trip I make a plan for his/her preparation. I do it individually and remotely, I start two months prior to the date of arrival to Abadiânia so that upon arriving the process is already advanced.


During their stay in Abadiânia, in addition to accompanying each person's process, I provide permanent guidance regarding the best way to take advantage of the Casa's activities and make sure  they understand the protocol.

Each process is different, so my accompanying is specific to each case.


My services include:

Travel logistics advice

Preparation previous to the trip

Orientation and accompanying during the stay

Scope of my services


Travel Logistics advice

I provide advice and recommendations for booking flights, lodging in Abadiânia, and transfers. I provide information about the place, weather, currency exchange, and what to bring to the trip.


Preparation previous to the trip

As soon as each person confirms the trip I discuss a plan for distance meetings aimed to provide an introduction to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola and the work of the benevolent Entities as well as the protocol of the Casa.

After this introduction I begin to guide the individual work based on the issues that are unveiled before departure, and go deeper on the person's needs.

For these meetings I use any of the internet communication tools - SKYPE, Whatsapp o similar.

Preparation starts two months prior to the trip. If you need to start earlier, you can book additional sessions of Distance Spirirtual Accompanying.


Orientation and accompanying during the stay

Upon arriving in Abadiânia I make sure that each person is settled in their corresponding pousada.

On the next day I take the group to visit the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola and participate in the optional activities.

When the Casa sessions start I take the group to participate of the sessions, I assist each one with orientations and I accompany them to go on the corresponding line.

On non-session days, there is time to stop to integrate the information and understand their process.


I coordinate group and individual meetings regularly for the clarification of the protocol and to review the next steps.

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