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The Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola


The Casa is a spiritual hospital for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The Casa can also be described as a school orchestrated by the spiritual realm, which works with energy, and where the benevolent spirit mentors are constantly  creating specific situations for each one of us to expand our awareness. In the physical plane the activities are organised by Sons and Daughters of the Casa who are volunteers.



During a retreat at the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola we can benefit most of the work of the spiritual mentors if we drop our expectations about specific results and concentrate in what the spiritual realm shows us at every moment.  The way in which the teams of spiritual mentors of the Casa respond to each person's needs are specific to each case and can only be seized by being completely in the "now".

Each person has to discover which is his or her part of the work to do in oder to move to the next step.

It is recommended a minimum stay of 12 days or two weeks to fully grasp the work being done.

Thorough preparation prior to the trip, plus my accompanying and orientation during the stay.


The visitor who has the support of a spiritual companion and orientation during the whole stay will be able to fully dedicate to the process and focus completely on his or her inner work.